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MoonPotion is an NFT review platform for NFT investors - newbies or seasoned aliked. We are building the Imbd and RottenTomatoes for every single NFT project out there.

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MoonPotion provides investors the ability to understand a project's popularity by looking at ratings and reviews on each project.

MoonPotion gives project owners the ability to verify themselves and track the performance of their projects via an analytics dashboard inc. votes & reviews from holders vs non-holders.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club

Top Project

Floor Price

85.83 ETH

Holder Votes

8,500 (50%)

Non-Holder Votes

7,500 (40%)

Total Votes






Our roadmap

We are build Voting, Analytics & Awards.

We are looking to create a product that works, we have invested our own money into building this project, investing into NFTs, losing to rugs and making money at the same time from all of this.

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You can submit your project for us to go through a review process. If you are a founder or team member, we would recommend you to select DOX Mode so we can verify you and add a verification badge to your project.

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You can not vote for your favorites projects listed on our platform. All you have to do is connect your wallet and sign your vote. You can only vote once for each project so get your community to support your vote.

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We are planning on releasing an analytics platform that will give access to Project Owners / Teams and General Users to view detailed analysis of projects, their growth, important metrics and much more.

analytics coming soon

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